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Grass-Fed Whey Recovery

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  •  20g fast-acting carbs to replenish glycogen (energy) stores in your muscles
  •  10g Grass-Fed Whey Protein to rebuild muscle
  •  3g L-Glutamine to support muscle repair and overall immune health
  •  No artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, gluten, soy or junk

For carb fueled athletes (i.e. those not in Ketosis), when your muscles are working, they are depleting your body’s levels of glucose (ready to use energy) and glycogen (stored energy). Once exhausted, it is critical to raise body insulin levels immediately to prevent the release of cortisol. We blend both fast and slow digesting carbohydrates to
kick start the recovery process and protects against insulin “crash” later on. Protein also plays an important role in repairing and growing muscle fibers. We stack the carbs and protein in the proven 2:1 ratio.


Grass-Fed Whey Protein - We use protein derived solely from cows who are pasture-raised with ample access to sunlight and grasses. We believe quality of life directly translates to the quality of product.

Dextrose - a.k.a. glucose, is a monosaccharide (simple carb) and thus a very quick digesting sugar that kick starts the body’s energy recovery process.

Maltodextrin - The natural counterpart to fast digesting carbohydrates, maltodextrin is a slow digesting, complex carbohydrate that helps prevent insulin level “crash.”

L-Glutamine - We added an additional 3g of L-Glutamine, An important amino acid that plays a key role in preventing muscle breakdown while supporting healthy immune function.

Grass-Fed Whey Recovery

You have to feed your muscles to grow them. We source our Whey Protein from grass-fed cows never treated with rBGH.

A combo of dextrose and maltodextrin work together to spark a lightening fast recovery phase without the crash later.

L-Glutamine helps prevent muscle breakdown from over-training and promotes healthy immune system function.